Provably Fair

Don't Trust, Verify.

We use the popular third party system as an independent source to determine the outcome of our games. allows anyone to verify the true randomness of a generated seed that is used.

Here is how it works

When a round is created we generate our own server seed (A random string). This server seed is then hashed into SHA256 and publicly displayed on the game to be verified once the round has completed. When a round is ready to be completed a request is sent to to generate the second seed (A random string). These two seeds are then joined with a dash and referred to as a "mod". This "mod" is then used to generate the round ticket as shown below. Codepen example.

const ChanceJS = require("chance");
const serverSeed = "";
const randomSeed = "";
const mod = `${serverSeed}-${randomSeed}`;
const chance = new ChanceJS(mod);
const ticket = chance.floating({min: 0, max: 1, fixed: 8});


In the event's API is inaccessible there will be three attempts made to generate the second seed. Each with a ten second delay inbetween. If all three attempts have failed only the orginal server seed generated at the begining of the round is used to determine the outcome of the round. Giveaways do not follow this rule and will only make one attempt before falling back to just the server seed.

Once a round has been completed the server seed and seed information are publicly displayed. This allows you to verify the orignal SHA256 hash shown at the begining of the round aswell as the third party request made to's API.

If you still have questions about our Provably Fair system please contact support.

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