Frequently Asked Questions

RustyPot is a 3rd party service using rust items with their inital value to take place in two possible games on site. These games are of course; `Coinflip and Jackpot`. Jackpot is a game for as many players as possible. You deposit Rust Skins into the pot and will recieve a possible Win Percentage back depending on the amount you depoisted. The more you depoist the higher percentage you will obtain, therefore giving you the higher chance to win. Coinflip is game for only two players at one time. Its as simple as flipping a coin. Both parties have a 50% chance of winning. And you may bet as little 50 cents against your opponent, winner takes all.
For Jackpot, click Deposit and choose as many skins as you'd like to depoisit / For Coinflip simply either join one of the current games available in the list of active games or setup your own game at the above button. Both games will follow with on screen instructions showing you how to accept your depoisit. After this open your Mobile and accept the Steam Confirmation via the Steam APP. (Not got Mobile Authenticator enabled? Please read; `WHY IS MY TRADE ON HOLD?`)
Click `Login` in the top right hand corner of the screen.Once logged in, go to profile and follow the instruction on screen set your Steam Trade link. (Note: Your Steam Inventory MUST be set to Public to play on our site)
Check you set your Steam Inventory to public. Make sure your Steam Trade link is properly set. If you think it is, double check and reset it! If you've just recieved new items. Refresh your inventory using the button in the left hand corner of the module. If you answered yes to all those questions and you inventory still doesn't load, please wait 10 minutes. If 10 minutes has surpassed and your inventory still won't load, please contact support using the buttons at the bottom of the page.
After winning a Jackpot or a Coinflip a Module will appear a few seconds after with a link to your Winnings. Make sure to accept the trade offer in your Steam Trade offers almost instantly to avoid any possible problems. If a problem occurs, contact support with a photo of the trade you didn't accept in time.
Jackpot is a Ticket based game. Where if you deposit items first into the pot you will then have low tickets. If you deposit within last you will then have high tickets.